Our Services

Both Portable cabins and Container built accommodations are made of insulated panels which makes the walls and the roofs heat / cold resistant. Some panels are fire retardant and some panels provide adequate sound insulations. This makes the inner areas of the accommodations quite comfortable in extreme hot and cold weather conditions throughout the year. Built-up Porta cabins have the following additional advantages.

  • They are eco friendly and quite durable.
  • Although light in weight they can withstand high wind velocity and as such most suitable for earthquake prone areas.
  • They are Portable & can easily be shifted from one site to another.
  • They can be built with Solar Panels on roof to provide lights inside in the remote areas.
  • Its rigid construction which is insulated with so many type of insulations to reduce heat, cold and noise is offered to suit customer’s requirment of design,shape and budget.
  • They can be supplied fully furnished with creative interiors, intricate Work stations, décor lights, and Central Air-conditioning.
  • They can be mounted on wheels and made into mobile offices or mobile Caravans.

We have the expertise in manufacturing fully functional, space efficient cabins in any size any shape with cost effective design. We have the proven track record of offering tailor made cabins at most economical prices from our range of products noted here as under.

  • Shelters/ Security Guard Cabins.
  • Bunk Houses.
  • Offices at Construction sites for Project Managers, Site Engineers and Site supervisors.
  • Accommodation at Construction site for construction Engineers , Foremen and supervisors.
  • Dormitories / Prefab Labor Camps.
  • Stores Cabins with racked shelves at Construction Sites.
  • Conference rooms with Director’s cabins , work stations with built in cabinets for keeping files & records.
  • Portable Canteens/cafeterias.
  • Farm Houses, Cottages & Resorts.
  • Up to three storied Accommodations.
  • Portable toilets / Kitchens.
  • Additional accommodations over existing terraces / roof tops.